Back Pain in Yorkshire

The 8th-12th of October is Back Care Awareness week. The aim of this campaign is to spread the word about preventative measures people can take to lessen the chances of developing back pain. This campaign is sorely needed as the number of people reporting that they are suffering from back and neck pain in the Yorkshire and Humber region is increasing year on year.

The research was carried out by the BCA (British Chiropractors Association) and found that the number of people experiencing back pain each week has risen from 41% to 63%. Along with this increase, the actual triggers for back and neck pain have changed.

The most common trigger remains lifting and carrying heavy things. This has remained steady for 5 years in a row. However, the number of people citing sitting for long periods of time as a cause of pain has risen from 30% to 51%. This goes along with the number of people stating that their job is a contributor to their pain rising to 28%.

Martin Andersen, the head chiropractor here at Morley Chiropractic Clinic and member of the BCA comments on the findings:

“I think many of us will agree that the increasing numbers of people experiencing back or neck pain each week are concerning, especially given how simple it can be to protect ourselves from some of the most commons triggers.

“Our lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary both at home and at work – with many of us spending more time sitting than ever before, contributing to people in the region experiencing pain more frequently. For the 63% of adults in Yorkshire and the Humber who are experiencing back or neck pain on a weekly basis, I would urge you to consider incorporating more exercise and general movement into your routine where you can to help combat the effects of sitting still.”

However, all is not lost. Martin has put together 5 tips which can help prevent you from developing back pain:

  1. Take a break: when you are sitting for long periods of time, whether you’re at home or at work, make sure to stand up and move around a little bit, every 30 minutes or so. Even simply rolling your neck and shrugging can be of some benefit if you’re forced to sit.
  2. Stay active: simple exercise such as walking, jogging and swimming can help strengthen your body, thus giving your back more support and helping prohibit back pain. Just make sure that you are working within your ability and always warm up and cool down properly.
  3. Work in comfort: if you have a desk job set it up so you are sat comfortably. There are guides to this, but keep in mind that every body is different, so make sure to set your desk up so it feels good for you!
  4. Carry with care: as noted above, lifting and carrying is one of the leading causes of pain and injury. Make sure to follow guidelines, lift with your legs and don’t attempt to lift anything beyond your means.
  5. Straighten Up: The BCA has created a programme of 3-minute exercises, Straighten Up UK, which can be slotted in to your daily schedule to help prevent back pain by promoting movement, balance, strength and flexibility in the spine.

If you are currently struggling with back or neck pain, and wish to see a professional about it, then give us a call at Morley Chiropractic Clinic. We regularly see people from Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford, from all walks of life, and a holistic approach to chiropractics to offer a treatment which is a cure, not a bandage. To book an appointment just call us on 0113 2383693 or contact us here.

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