Sciatica 101

One of the most common issues our clients have is sciatica. With that in mind we wanted to write a short post about this issue – what causes it and what can be done about it? One of the most important factors of sciatica to keep in mind is that sciatica is a symptom. This … Continued

Women Suffer Longer than Men

New research has shown that women typically take twice as long as men before acting on their back or neck pain. The research, conducted by the British Chiropractic Association, has found a range of other gender differences with regards to back and neck pain. Amongst the results, it was also found that women develop back … Continued

Martin Competes in Isoman Triathlon!

This weekend, head chiropractor here at Morley Chiropractic Clinic competed in the Isoman Triathlon. Read his race report here: My wife Julia and I did the Isoman Triathlon on the weekend. It is an event that places equal emphasis on each of the three disciplines and therefore increases the swim and decreases the cycling. Perfect … Continued

Could Coffee Be Making Your Back Pain Worse?

Coffee has become a staple part of most people’s morning routine, there are those who can hardly face a day without it. But what if your regular morning coffee is contributing to your lower back pain? The digestive system is often referred to as the second brain due to the effect your gut can have … Continued

What Can Chiropody and Podiatry Help With?

Straight away we should first establish that podiatry and chiropody are different terms for the same thing. The term podiatry was inherited in the early 90s as an international replacement to the localised term of chiropody. Podiatrists could be thought of as physiotherapists for your feet. Your feet are extremely complex structures, featuring 26 bones, … Continued

What Exactly is a Chiropractor?

There is a commonly held misconception that all chiropractors do is crack your back and any potential benefit from seeing one is restricted to just your spine and neck. However, neck and back pain barely scratches the service of what we can help with. What do we do? Chiropractors gently manipulate the spine to treat … Continued

Knee Pain Dos and Don’ts

Knee pain affects most people in one way or another throughout their life, especially if they undertake sport. Knees are very complex joints and are used in nearly all movements, often having to deal with very odd and obtuse forces. While the cause and remedy of knee pain will vary from person to person, there … Continued

Chiropractic Awareness Week

Every year the BCA organises a chiropractic awareness week in order to bring to people’s attention that positive impact that chiropractors can have on their lives, and that they don’t have to live with pain, nor do they have to live in fear of their spine. Each day, from 09/04/18 to 15/04/18, the British Chiropractic … Continued

Unorthodox Marathon Taper

Why is this unorthodox? Well first off, it’s a cycle and therefore a completely different sport. Secondly, it’s a long ride that exceeds my anticipated marathon finish time by quite a way. Thirdly, I haven’t done much cycling because of all the running. Possible risks included overuse injury on tired legs, an accident coming off … Continued