Chiropractic patients recover faster

In recent years, back pain has become a massive health problem for people in the UK, even here in Yorkshire, with the NHS spending millions of pounds a year helping patients with this issue. The increase is largely to do with a lot of office-based jobs, and businesses not providing their staff with the right chairs to ensure they have proper back care throughout the working day.

In light of that, there has been a real need for chiropractic treatment in most areas of the country, including here in Yorkshire, with our Morley chiropractors seeing an influx of people wanting this service over the past few years.

That is because chiropractic treatment is proven to help people who suffer from common back pain. According to Canadian researchers, in a study of 5,511 patients who had back injuries most patients found that they spent the shortest amount of time with a chiropractor and found it to be the most effective.

They stated that the patients in the study saw the following providers for their first consultation on back pain:

  • 3% saw a medical doctor
  • 4% saw a chiropractor
  • 2% saw a physical therapist

The results indicated that those who saw the chiropractor first didn’t have any recurring back pain – unlike the others in the study. Those who saw a chiropractor didn’t need to see another healthcare practitioner to sort out their issues, whereas 58.6% of physical therapy patients had to see another provider.

These results are extremely positive, and that’s because chiropractic treatments combine a range of techniques including exercises and massages, stress relievers and easing tensions in your joints and muscles.

Our chiropractors in Morley are highly trained and have worked with patients in the surrounding Leeds area for many years.

If you have a back injury, or any other injuries in your neck or shoulders where you need rehabilitative care, please feel free to contact us about our chiropractic treatments on 0113 238 3693.

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