Massage 101

While Morley Chiropractic Clinic was built on its reputation of providing chiropractic treatment to people in Wakefield, Bradford and Leeds, due to our dedication to improving people’s standards of living we have offered other services for some time now. One of the services we offer, and a very useful treatment tool to possess, is remedial massage. 

There are many different perceptions of what a massage is, and this is probably because there are lots of different massage styles available. To simplify things, you could break them down into two main categories: 

  • Massage for relaxation 
  • Massage for therapy 

As you can imagine, massage for relaxation is very gentle, soft and is often accompanied by soft lighting and music. Sometimes aromatic oils are used. While therapeutic in a mental sense, these massages probably won’t carry the same physiological benefits that purely therapeutic massages do. Therapeutic massages, such as sports, Swedish and trigger point are all much more thorough and focus on massaging deep tissues with much more intensity. 

At Morley Chiropractic clinic we offer Remedial Massage. This particular style of massage involves a certain amount of investigative work to determine the cause of whatever issue you are having. Only once the cause has been determined can a successful treatment be developed.  

We will look at your injury history, what your day to day activities entail and will probably ask you to carry out some basic movement tests. From this we will be able to determine what issue you are having before tackling it with a range of massage treatments.  

The benefits of remedial massage are many. Obviously we hope to treat your specific ailment, however there are a number of other potential benefits which include: 

  • Increased suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints 
  • Prevention of muscle and tendon injuries 
  • Efficient clearing of harmful metabolic by-products 
  • Reduction of scar tissue 
  • Improved tissue elasticity 
  • Improvements in your tissue’s micro-circulation 

If you feel you are in need of remedial massage, or are suffering from back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, then drop us a line on 0113 2383693 or contact us here to arrange an appointment.  

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