Sleep Your Way to a Better Back

Back pain is an incredibly difficult thing to live with. Not only does it affect most of your waking hours, but when really bad it can affect your sleep as well. When back pain is really bad it can stop even the deepest of sleepers from getting a good night’s rest. If the pain itself doesn’t keep you awake, then simply rolling over in bed can send a bolt of pain through your body which can wake you up quicker than any alarm.

However, do not fear. There are treatments that can work in the long term to resolve your back pain, and in the short term there are various things that can be done to alleviate the pain to give you some relief in the short term and help you get a good night’s sleep.


We all have a favourite position to lay in, however this can be causing us pain and discomfort. Most of this pain comes from the back being bent or warped out of a natural position. Therefore, try this:

  • If you typically sleep on your side, put a follow between your legs and bring your knees closer to your chest to lessen the strain on your lower back.
  • If you lay on your back try putting a pillow under your knees to neutralise your spine and again, lessen the strain.
  • Try and avoid sleeping on your stomach as it emphasis the curve in your lower back, which can be a contributor to lower back pain. If this is the only way you can nod off, try a pillow under your stomach to neutralise your spine.


The old advice used to be that a firm mattress is better – however new research has shown that this isn’t necessarily always the case. In reality, like most things in life, the reality is that balance is key. If you have wide hips then a soft mattress can let your hips sink which creates a more neutral spine, but if your hips are not that wide then a firm mattress will help you keep good shape. A huge number of mattress suppliers offer quibble free 100-day refunds, so it may be worth trying a few out to find your perfect fit.


Try stretching, yoga or pilates before bed. This will help to relax both your body and mind, and will hopefully allow you to sleep pain free. A huge amount of pain comes from the bodies stress response. You stay tight and tense, even when in bed. Yoga can help relax you and bring you out of this ‘fight or flight’ mode to help you sleep pain free.

For more help on sleeping, or for treatment for back pain, simply call Morley Chiropractic Clinic on 0113 2383693 or contact us here.

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