How to Fix Computer Posture

We are a society that is spending more and more time sitting, which, as a nation, is ultimately having a negative effect on our postures. Below is a video from the British Chiropractic Association making various recommendations on how to try and avoid poor posture, and ideally avoid becoming a patient of ours.  

Unorthodox Marathon Taper

Why is this unorthodox? Well first off, it’s a cycle and therefore a completely different sport. Secondly, it’s a long ride that exceeds my anticipated marathon finish time by quite a way. Thirdly, I haven’t done much cycling because of all the running. Possible risks included overuse injury on tired legs, an accident coming off … Continued

4 Weeks to go to the London Marathon!

This run was all about building confidence! It was confirming that my chosen race pace is realistic. It was also about testing various bits and pieces, so that nothing on race day is a surprise. I am hoping to run a Boston Marathon Qualifying Time for my age group. Realistically, this means I have to … Continued

So where is the running with this one?

  One of the most commonly neglected areas of endurance training would have to be strength and conditioning workouts. In busy lives, it is easy just to put on the shoes and rush out the doors. It doesn’t have to be a main focus of the marathon training program, but it is an essential ingredient. … Continued

The long run to London Marathon continues

What is so important about this run? It appears to be quite slow in pace and far off the pace required for me to hit my race target. At surface level it could be deemed a failure comprising a whole bunch of junk miles. However this run is the backbone of any marathon training program … Continued

Cold = tough+mentally challenging!

Now This was a tough run. It was cold, wet and windy. The toughest part was getting the motivation to get out the door with the running shoes on; winter training is just physically and mentally challenging. This particular session is the foundation of any marathon run as it is generally long and steady. The … Continued

London Marathon Training Starts Now

So, I have set a lofty goal of setting a personal best marathon time next year, and hopefully qualifying for the right to run the oldest marathon in the world, The Boston Marathon. From time to time I will be sharing and explaining a workout. This morning’s run was cold, rainy and windy. I was … Continued