Remedial & Sports Massage Leeds

Massage has been used as a treatment for hundreds of years and is scientifically proven to be effective in aiding in injury recovery and pain relief.

But the benefits of sports massage and manipulation are far-reaching, and can be used to improve your circulation, posture and flexibility, as well as relieving back, shoulder and neck pain.

There are also many passive benefits to massage which includes:

Treatable Issues

  • Flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Prevention of muscle and tendon injuries
  • Clearing of harmful metabolic by-products
  • Reduction of scar tissue
  • Improved tissue elasticity
  • Improvements in your tissue’s micro-circulation

As well as the many physical benefits, sports massage offers a host of psychological benefits as well. For example, massage can reduce your approach anxiety. Approach anxiety, which is the anxiety you feel about an upcoming match or event, is a common part of sports participation. You may also feel enhanced feelings of invigoration and rejuvenation and an increased awareness of your mind-body connection.

The practitioners here at Morley Chiropractic clinic have been offering remedial massage as a service for over 20 years. In this time we have treated an untold number of patients for uncountable issues. Read some of our testimonials here.

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Remedial Massage Pricing

Full Body Massage: £36 (60 minutes)

Regional Area – Neck or Low back: £31 (45 minutes)

Specific Area: £28 (30 minutes)

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At Morley Chiropractic Clinic we serve patients from Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford, as well as further afield.

What is a Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is a type of massage that is designed to treat both deep and superficial tissues using a range of specialist techniques to manipulate soft tissue. A remedial massage is great for relaxation or can be used as treatment to reduce muscle and soft tissue pain or pain from sports injury.