Chiropractic patients recover faster

In recent years, back pain has become a massive health problem for people in the UK, even here in Yorkshire, with the NHS spending millions of pounds a year helping patients with this issue. The increase is largely to do with a lot of office-based jobs, and businesses not providing their staff with the right … Continued

How massage therapy can relieve stress

Stress is a natural response to help us deal with difficult situations, whether large or small, mental or physical. Our bodies are programmed to produce adrenaline to boost our heart rate and cortisol to increase our blood sugar, diverting energy away from the digestive system and immune responses. This is what we all know as … Continued

What does a Chiropractor do?

Whilst many people have heard of a chiropractor, they are not always clear exactly what one does or why it may be beneficial to see one. Here, we explain what typically happens when a patient sees a chiropractor. Chiropractic exam During the first visit, you will complete a form to help provide background information about … Continued