Recent Research Finds No Excess Risk of Carotid Artery Stroke After Chiropractic Care

Recent research has found that there is no association between visiting a chiropractor and having a stroke in people aged 45 years or over. The study, which was carried out in Ontario, Canada tracked people admitted to hospital due to suffering a carotid artery stroke over a nine year period.

How Did the Research Take Place?

The research was undertaken as stroke patients can sometimes experience headaches as well as neck pain before having a stroke. The team of scientists who undertook the study aimed to assess whether chiropractic manipulation, which is a common treatment for neck pain and headaches, increased the risk of cervical artery dissection and stroke in patients.

The study compared 15,523 cases to 62,092 control periods. Whilst positive associations were identified between chiropractic visits and strokes in patients less than 45 years old, there was no significant difference in risk estimates. For those aged 45 or over, there was no association at all between receiving chiropractic care and subsequently suffering a carotid artery stroke. The authors of the study concluded that the associations between chiropractic care and experiencing a stroke were likely a result of sufferers with early symptoms pursuing treatment prior to their strokes occurring.

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