What does a Chiropractor do?

Whilst many people have heard of a chiropractor, they are not always clear exactly what one does or why it may be beneficial to see one. Here, we explain what typically happens when a patient sees a chiropractor.

  1. Chiropractic exam

During the first visit, you will complete a form to help provide background information about your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing. Normally this will include things like when the pain began, what it feels like and how frequently it occurs. The chiropractor will then conduct an exam to assess, amongst other things, movement range, muscle tone and strength as well as neurological integrity.

  1. Patient diagnosis

As a result of the findings from this exam and the background information that has been provided, a diagnosis will be given. At this point the patient will be told whether their condition would benefit from chiropractic care or not.

  1. Treatment plan

Following the diagnosis, a treatment plan will be formulated. This tailored plan will include both short and long-term goals and may include strengthening activities, patient education, heat application and massage. The chiropractor will explain the importance of each of the recommendations they make and demonstrate exercises or stretches that maybe required by the patient.

  1. Evaluation

After the treatment plan has been carried out an evaluation will take place. Outcomes could include continuing with the plan or being released if the targets have been achieved. The length of time needed to complete treatment depends on the individual and their condition.

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