How to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

As more businesses adapt to working from home as a long-term or even permanent option, it’s likely more people will have found the best solution for them when it comes to our work at home setups. But is investing in an office chair and moving your workstation from the kitchen table to the back bedroom enough? Here are some tips to keep your body healthy when you’re working from home.

Work at home setup

For some of us, working at home is a temporary measure but we know that companies are also shifting towards a split between office and home working. This might mean varying work setups from day to day, which makes it harder to maintain a good, healthy posture. If you have equipment in the office such as a laptop stand, height adjustable monitor or monitor riser to keep your screen in a suitable position, talk to your employer about getting these things for home working too.

Get moving

If you’re used to working in an office, chances are you’ll be familiar with the tea run, board room meetings and even just getting up and talking to a colleague. Now most of these things can be done without having to leave your own desk (except the tea run- unless you’re working next to the kettle) and you won’t be moving around as much. If you’re working at home, it might also mean you’re less likely to take the same breaks as you would in the office, meaning more time sitting at your desk and less time standing. Even if you’re sitting with good desk posture, there are numerous health benefits to standing up and moving around often. Go on- go put the kettle on.

Don’t forget to exercise

Of course, it’s not just our work lives that have been affected. Changes in personal circumstances might also mean you’re not engaging in fitness activities as often as you used to. If you’re missing out on regular exercise, try to fit workouts into your schedule. That could mean getting up a bit earlier for a gym session before you start work or going for a walk on your lunchbreak. Taking opportunities to exercise is essential to keep your body healthy and will also help you to focus mentally.

Leave your work at work

With most office jobs, you can close the door on work stress at 5pm and go home to relax and recharge. But after an extended period of home working, it can start to feel more like you’re living at work than working at home. This disruption to the work-life balance might see you putting in extra hours, spending longer sitting down or finding it difficult to switch off at the end of the day. All of these things can leave you feeling stressed and anxious, which is another reason why it’s so important to find time for exercise.

If you’re experiencing pain in your back or shoulders or you’re worried about posture and other negative health effects of working from home, we can help! Morley Chiropractic Clinic has over 20 years of experience treating people for various issues and we offer a range of services from our clinic in Leeds. Get in touch with us or book your appointment online.

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