How to relieve shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can come in different degrees of pain levels, and even if you are in a small amount of pain it can be extremely annoying and uncomfortable. Most day-to-day activities require use of your shoulder, more than is usually realised. So even a small amount of pain, over the course of a day, can become a large issue.

Shoulder pain can be caused by a number of different reasons or factors. Two common factors include:

Sports injuries – Often muscle pain, in general, can be caused by a sports injury. You may have overstretched or strained it during strenuous exercise. If you are playing a sport that heavily relies on your arm muscles, this only increases the chances of you suffering a shoulder injury. Sports like rugby or javelin are notorious for this.

Sleeping – Oddly enough, we find that sleeping is one of the most common causes of shoulder pains. This seems contradictory considering you are seemingly not putting any stress on your shoulders while you’re asleep. However, similarly with neck pain, if you sleep at a funny angle over time compensations can occur that can create a strain on your shoulder muscles. In addition, inactivity for a period of time may case the muscles fibres to tighten up that, through a variety of mechanisms, may result in stimulating the pain receptors.

Home remedies for shoulder pain

If you have shoulder pain, depending on its severity it can be easy to resolve with just some simple tricks at home.

Time and rest – The easiest tip to relieving your shoulder pain is to simply rest it and give it time. Most muscle strains can fix themselves if you don’t put any extra stress on them.

Ice – Depending on what is causing your shoulder pain, ice could be a simply way of relieving the pain. Ice in the short term works great for muscle injuries as it has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling. After a few days one could use either heat or ice to relieve pain. Other options may need to be considered to address the issue.

If your pain persists or worsens despite your best effort to relieve it at home, it may be time to call a professional. Morley Chiropractors have over 20 years of experience in helping patients with a variety of muscle related injuries.

If you have shoulder pain that isn’t going away, a professional chiropractor could be the solution. For more information get in touch with us today on 0113 2383693.

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