Tips For Eating Healthier This Autumn

Picture this.

You’ve just stepped off the train after your commute home from work. Your socks are already soaked through from the rain and you still have at least another 15-minute walk until you’re home.

After what feels like forever, you’re finally home in front of the TV, heating on and ready to eat dinner.

But what are you having?

Chances are you’re picturing something a little carb-heavy to say the least! Whether a hearty pie or a big pasta dish, it’s hard to resist the temptation to hunker down for the night with a comfort meal in front of the TV!

But there is another way! We’ll discuss our top tips for eating healthier this autumn (without taking away all the fun!).

Practice Mindfulness

We get it.

You’re likely sick to death of hearing about it now, but practising mindfulness, especially while eating, can be an unlocker to a healthier lifestyle!

When the nights are chilly and your main focus is being cosy, it can be easy to simply eat as much of whatever you’d like for comfort. But by simply taking a second to consider if there’s a healthier alternative, or if you really need to eat those extra couple of slices – you’ll be well on your way to better eating habits.

Cosy Doesn’t Need to be Carb-Heavy

Lasagna, pasta bake, loaded baked potatoes – you name it if there’s a carb-heavy meal it’s likely considered a ‘comfort food’! We can’t argue they’re not delicious (!) however cosy really doesn’t need to mean unhealthy!

And while we certainly don’t condone cutting out carbs, fats etc completely (in fact we’re strongly against it!) – utilising foods such as in-season root veggies can be a fantastic way of bulking out meals to help keep you fuller for longer.

Watch Your Flavours

When we’re cooking at home, it can be tempting to add just a tiny extra glug of red wine to the sauce, or a little more sugar sprinkled on top of the pumpkin pie than normal, but these all add up, unfortunately!

Although many of us like to pretend the oil you use in the pan and the salt you add to the soup doesn’t count, indulging a little too much too often can be detrimental to your health!

Being mindful of what you’re adding to your dishes can make the world of difference this autumn.

Speak With A Professional

If you’re wanting to eat healthier this autumn but are struggling to get started or need a more tailored solution, we’d strongly recommend speaking with a professional nutritionist who will provide a personalised plan of action.

At Morley Chiropractic Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing the best service for all our clients. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you on your lifestyle journey, contact us today to speak with our friendly team of experts.

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