How To Make Driving Easier When You Have Back Pain

Picture this.

You’ve got everything packed, the snacks are practically begging to be opened, the kids are giving you a precious 5 minutes of peace while they occupy themselves in the back, and you’ve finally set off for your long journey.

Less than an hour in, however, and you feel it.

The dull ache, followed by the dreaded shooting pains up your spine.

Back pain is no joke; whether you’re planning a long cross-country trip, or you’re simply popping to the local supermarket, if back pain is making driving difficult, we’ll talk through our top tips for making things that little bit easier.

Take Regular Breaks

It goes without saying that taking regular breaks during a long trip can help prevent tiredness, muscle fatigue and more. But did you also know it can help ease your back pain?

Think about it.

If you’re sitting in one place for a long time, especially if your posture isn’t ideal (more on that next!), your joints and muscles are going to stiffen, potentially making any existing back problems worse! 

Taking regular breaks allows your back some much-needed rest, meaning you’ll get where you need to be without feeling unable to do anything once you’re there!

Watch Your Posture

There are many adjustments to your vehicle that you can make to promote better posture. AXA, for example, recommends positioning your bottom all the way to the back of the seat to support the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine and adjusting your seat so that it supports the entire length of your thighs.

You can also adjust your steering wheel, headrest, and mirrors to ensure maximum visibility, support, and comfort.

Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

Believe it or not, keeping your car in good condition can massively help when it comes to easing back pain while on the road.

Every time you drive over bumps, potholes, or other parts of the road that aren’t totally smooth, you’re potentially aggravating your back.

Ensuring your vehicle’s suspension and shock absorbers are well maintained can go a long way in making your journey (quite literally) a lot smoother!

Utilise Temperature

Does soaking in a nice, warm bath sound like heaven for your back? If it does, there’s a reason behind that! And as much as we’d love to say it’s that organic, luxurious bubble bath you splurged on last week (we’re not judging!) it’s likely more down to the warmth of the bath water.

If you’re lucky enough to own a car with heated seats, then these can do wonders for your back as they’ll provide a constant source of heat to your muscles as you drive. 

No heated seats?

Try a heating pack that stays hot for a while, so at least part of your journey will be covered!

Alternatively, cooling products work best for some people. If this is the case, you can purchase dedicated cooling packs for your back; or in a pinch, wrap an ice pack in a teatowel to avoid burning the skin and away you go!

Consult A Professional

If you’ve tried any or all of these tips to make driving easier when you have back pain, it may be time to speak to a professional chiropractor. They will use a combination of Chiropractic techniques, exercises and massage, helping to ease stress and tension in your joints and muscles, freeing up your movement and reducing pain.

If you’d like to speak to one of the team at Morley Chiropractic Clinic about your back pain, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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